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Alert Now Message 3/22/2020:

Good evening Wildcats. This is Mrs. Wray calling with your Weekly Wildcat Message. I know in these times of uncertainty we are all a little concerned and unsure of what lies ahead. Trust me when I say that the administration, teachers, and staff at WRMS are all working hard to figure this out and we will do the very best we can to continue serving our students. During this time that schools are closed for students, I wanted to make you all aware of the plans moving forward. I apologize if this is a longer message - please listen carefully or visit our Facebook page or Website for the full message.

Beginning tomorrow, March 23, parents may pick up Supplemental Learning Packets from 9:00-4:00 or by appointment Monday through Friday at school in the main lobby. The district is providing these materials to assist students in continuing their learning as well as providing additional time for teachers to plan specific distance instruction during this extended absence. There is a Reading and Math packet for each grade level.

The following week, beginning March 30, all teachers will have lessons prepared and students will begin working remotely on the work assigned for each of their classes. Students will need a device that can access the Internet, and particularly Canvas. There will be a way for parents to “check out” a chromebook from school if you do not have your own device at home. We will be sending out more information about this but we wanted families to be planning ahead. Students can plan ahead by ensuring that you 1) Know how to log onto the NCEdCloud; 2) Know your usernames/passwords for Achieve, iReady, and APEX; 3) Be sure you can log into your gmail account (and all student passwords were reset to your birthday in the format of MMDDYYYYr?

Students if you forgot or have trouble logging into any of the programs, please email Mrs. Casto at for help with usernames & passwords. You will be able to contact each of your teachers directly through Canvas or email if you have questions or need help on any of the assignments. Parents, remember this is NOT beginning tomorrow….this is the plan for March 30th and beyond.

Some general reminders….students in Band, please remember if you left your personally owned instrument at school, you or your parent will need to pick it up when they come get the learning packets. Also we are still working on getting back the refunds from the Outer Banks and the Carowinds field trips and as soon as the Bookkeeper can issue checks, you will be notified. Thank you for your patience, this first requires refunds from the company and that takes time. So a final reminder of what begins tomorrow, March 23: Parents may come to the school any day this week to pick up Supplemental Reading & Math packets for each grade. These are general work packets that students can do this week in addition to any resources you find online or you can continue to work in Achieve and iReady. There will be additional work ready for March 30 and beyond. Please be sure to listen to all phone messages sent home, and also follow us on Facebook for continuous updates. The school will be open this week and next if you have any questions please call 548-2168. We will get through this, and we will always continue to be #WRMSTRONG! Thank you and have a great evening.

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