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Meet Our Staff

On this page you will find the team that makes it all possible.

Equal Opportunity Statement

The Rockingham County Board of Education is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, religion,
sex, age, national origin, and handicap. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff, students, and the public, educational programs and services, and individuals with whom the Board does business. In keeping with the
requirements of federal and state law, the school system strives to remove any vestige of discrimination in
employment, assignment, and promotion of personnel, and in educational opportunities.

Staff & Email Addresses

Principal, Stephanie Wray
Assistant Principal, Michelle Casto
6th Grade

Lauren Brown, Math

Johnny Brown, Social Studies

Luann Bryan, ELA
Robin Hayden, Math

James Miley, Science

Karen Wright, ELA

7th Grade
Nichole Frazier, Science

Marion Hester, ELA
Kasie Jones, ELA

Stacy Lambert, Math
Tiffany Neal, Social Studies
William Sensenich, Math 
Chrystal Thomas, Math/Science

8th Grade
Jennifer Adams, Math

George Blankenship, ELA/Social Studies

Dawn Crumpler, Science

Nichole Frazier, Science

Kay Hooker, Math

Glenn Jordan, ELA/Social Studies
Josh Madison, Science

Kelly Terry, Math

Exploratory Teachers
Eliana Acevedo, Conexiones

Jennifer Aschenbrand, Bible

Brandon Berteotti, PE & Health 

Todd Jones, Keyboarding/Computer Technology

Olivia Lusk, Chorus/Drama
Rondi McGill, Spanish
Jodi Smith, Art
Justin Terrell, Band and General Music

Stephanie Thomas, STEM

Renee Weddle, PE & Health 

Instructional Support Staff 

Sherry Webster, Instructional Coach/AIG Specialist

Allison Wright, Media Specialist

Kay Hooker, Drop Out Prevention Coordinator

Darryl Thomas, ISS Teacher
Dian Brim, School Nurse 
Scott Smith, SRO Officer 
Sheri Wolfe, ESL Teacher   
Kim Green, Guidance Counselor 
Christie Ore, Social Worker

EC Staff

Brook Harris, EC Teacher

Cortney Luegers, EC Teacher

Charme Pace, EC Teacher 

Lauren Tucker, EC Math Teacher

Pam Williams, Speech Therapist

Meagan Morrow, Psychologist

Teacher Assistants 
Robin Kingery, Outreach Teacher Assistant 
Drew Martin, EC Teacher Assistant
Lillie Smith, EC Teacher Assistant, Self-Contained

Ivy Wagoner, Teacher Assistant
Lori Wagoner, EC Teacher Assistant, Self-Contained

Office and Support Staff

Kayla Jones, Data Manager
Lisa Thomas, Office Staff

Lauren Gammon, Bookkeeper
Karen Williams, Secretary


Support Staff
Ja Anderson, Custodian/Bus Driver

Mary Bullins, Custodian/Bus Monitor

Van Hurd, Custodian/Bus Driver

Pam Kilby, Custodian/Bus Driver
Sharon Murphy, Custodian/Bus Driver

Georgianna O'Dell, Custodian
Dewey Smith, Head Custodian

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